Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July!!!

Happy Fourth of July!!!!
Yaaaayyy! Last night we had about thirty people here - chaotic bliss! - and we set off fireworks and had the best time ever!
The boys had their epic Army Men battle down in the pasture; they set up a fort, had paper houses, and used firecrackers, "jack rabbits", and missiles to explode everything... literally!
We had a big meal, and it was loud - lovely loud. Everybody was talking away, and it was - was.... GREAT! AH! *collapse*
I also had the best time doing a mini photoshoot with two of the boys at my church - the genra:
Hopefully, I succeeded in that to an extent, with the help of my models! You can go to my photography blog and check out the results! I was going to do one with Caroline, but she forgot her appropriate attire - so, that didn't work. But it was still awesome!!! AH!
Thanks, you two, for posing for me, and thanks, Caroline, for hauling all of my stuff around! ^.^

Once it got dark, the show began - dad, Nathan and his friend were setting them off, so I meandered down there and was appointed flashlight holder for the ammo loaders. :)
It was fuuuuuunn!
Then, to wrap it up, we took some more cool pictures of our friend with his lightsaber - aaaaawwwwwesome pictures! EEK! (I went on a photo mania spree - can you tell?)

So - Happy Fourth of July, everybody! I hope you all had a wonderful time - I did, and God is so good! Praise Him for the ones you love!

- Hannah

P.S. Happy 7th Birthday to my horse Belle as of yesterday! Love you, Bellie!

The Lightsaber!

 Him: "Explosives, explosives, explosives, explosives..."
 Fireworks! (If we only had Gandalf... ^.^)

Death of the Army Men...


Anonymous said...

Wow!! Aren't fireworks illegal over in the US?? They are over here in Australia! Not fair =( They look so fun!!!!
Happy 4th of July!! =D
Ruby x

Hannah Leigh said...

Nope - it's not! (At least... not yet.) :P
It was a BLAST! ...literally!

- Hannah