Friday, July 29, 2011

Emotion in a Picture

Photo from Google Images
One photo can communicate so many emotions. Like this one.
How many can you count in this one? Here's what I see...
I see an atmosphere that is full of feeling, full of drama. I see a mixture of sadness and coldness, but I see the warm glow of a feeling inside, and the moment lost in a kiss by the couple in the street.
I was searching for a picture that describes my mood right now, and I found it. This is it. There's a mix of a lot of things here. That's generally how I am, as any friend of mine will tell you. ^.^

I feel like this photo. If my emotions were a picture, this would be it.
Here I am.

- Hannah

Lord, thank you for this day... it was a long day, but a fairly good one.
Your mercy is always on me - even though I often ignore it.
I'm not sure what You're working in me, but I often get the feeling that it's something great.
I pray for people that are there, for people that are close but far away, far away but close. My heart is very full.

Thank You... I love You.
Sometimes embers are dying, and I need to see some glow, but always, Your grace is sufficient for me.

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