Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Life's Good lately. ^.^
My mom is great. Just thought I'd mention. She really is. She can be veeeeery annoying sometimes; but hey, we all can! Love you, mom!

Ah. Yeah. I love this above picture, by the way - I took it outside our church Friday night; isn't it neat??? This alley shall appear in my story, without fail!
Oh - and my mom bought me this double ring yesterday at Rue21:
AH! I love it! It's my first double ring - which I'm very fond of - so, I was thrilled!

I'm sorry I don't have time for a long post right now; I'll try to later!

- Hannah


Autumn said...

I want your ring! Very pretty, some double rings are too chuncky I think,

Anonymous said...

Aww, love your double ring! =D
Guess what! I got your letter today!!!! =D
It was really exiting finding it in the letterbox just as I was opening the front gait before we left for the races I thought there would be a chance your letter might have arrived and it had!!! It was a really awesome letter and to night Im replying to you! :)
Ruby xx
p.s Im turning 17 soon! :)