Monday, August 29, 2011


My friend Caroline and I decided to match our outfits Sunday for a "school girl" look - here's what we came up with! And as to the "Skoolooks" - turn the 's' and 'k' around at the end, and it says the same thing backwards. ^.^

Enjoy the photos! (And thanks to my bro for taking them!)


Anonymous said...

Gr8 photo's!! =D
I sent your letter so should get it soon! :)
Ruby x

Argentia Krystofel said...

We look like models!!! Hahahahha~! :D Love ya girl...let's do this again sometime, but once it gets colder so we can wear JACKETS! lol

Hannah Leigh said...

Ruby -
Cool! Lookin' forward to it!

Argentia -
EEK! I know! I really like them... =D
JACKETS! Amazing jackets! Leather jackets! Solar jackets!! ^.^

- Han