Thursday, September 15, 2011

Photo Updates

Alright - I realized I haven't put up many of my own photos, so - take a look! I captured the above one yesterday evening of my three babies...

 My Big Boy! He's grown like crazy...
 Mama's Boy
 He's only a year old, you know... look how BIG he is!
 Me an' my Max
Dillon being horribly cute...

And these... uhg. They're tearing up my beautiful country road. It's disgusting. I went down it today - look at the difference:

 This is the SAME SHOT....


Can you believe that? ARG that gripes me! Here's what I say to it:

Oh well... life must go on. :P 
Please be praying for me. I'm under a lot of stress... and I ain't handling it very well. >.< 

But God is good. Always.

- Hannah

Jeremiah 29:11


Anonymous said...

WOW! Your little colt has grown SO big!!! He look's the spiting ringer of his Mum in the first pic of him!! So cute!! He only a yearling? I though he was older than that. :) Well make shore you get a good breaker for him and you'll have a gr8 horse! What is his breed? Might make a good jumper out of him :) LOL!
Though he look's more of a polo horse. Anyway. :)
Why did they do that to the forest? So sad :(
O'h I was riding my horse today after a bit of flat work and grid's anyway, I thought i'd go for a ride up the back of our farm in the bush so of i went.. a fair way up the dirt road I was cantering really quite fast and all of a sudden I came upon a snake laying in the sun. I pulled my horse up really quick my horse freaked out! The snake stood up and puffed it's neck out and started striking!! I was so totally freaked out by it I turned my tail and cantered of home! I REALLY don't like snakes!! Ahh it was so ugly!!! LOL!!
Sorry my comment was a bit random but anyway! Don't you hate snakes?!! haha!
Ruby xx

Hannah Leigh said...

Haha! That's okay - I know horses HATE snakes!
Max is a purebred American Paint; his full name is Gates of Liberty, and his mother's full name is Robin's Liberty Belle - Belle's bloodline goes back to a racehorse. (Can't remember which one; not one of the big names, though!) So, he's a good blood. Very good, indeed!


Anonymous said...

Little Max will be a champion for shore then! lol! =D
Check out this youtube. I LOVE Oliver Townend!! He's an awesome rider!! A riding lesson with him would be amazing don't you think??
Ruby xx =)