Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Of Dust Dragons and DaeHyun....

Credit goes to photographer

Yesterday, I went over to my friend Caroline's house, and we had an absolutely great time - one thing we did was organize her room. She has a pretty big room, but there's a lot of stuff in it that doesn't have a place. It was pretty hilarious; we cleaned it all up, except for some odds and ends on the bed, and as we were cleaning, listening to up beat music, laughing, we started talking about dust dragons - yeah, I said dragons. We've renamed them. It's a trend. A new trend. Instead of dust bunnies.

Dust Dragons:
Small, collective mounds of dusty material often found under beds, hiding in corners, or in the closet. Dirty, but adorably cute. Can cause choking at times, but amends with making you smile at its cuteness. Comes in a variety of colors: often gray, with a splash of creativity, depending on the environment. Sometimes can look insane, maybe scary, but always harmless - needs kept under control, and maybe taught a few things...

Dust Dragons. ^.^

Would you like to hear another oddity of ours? Good - I thought you would...
Caroline's down the hall putting dirty clothes in the washer. I'm in her room cleaning off the dresser.
"There's a blood stain on my shirt!" she exclaims. My reaction: yells "DAEHYUN!"
... okay, call me weird. There's an explanation, I promise...
I happen to beat up a smiling angel of mine in my story, who's name is DaeHyun - so automatically, when she yells "blood!", I yell "DaeHyun!" We started laughing hysterically over it, and Caroline says,
"Ookay - I scream blood, she screams Daehyun - this is gonna turn into a new trend, isn't it?"
"Sure is!" I laugh. So, from now on, we shall make this connection. Blood = Daehyun. Tada!


Alright, alright... I'm a little on the loopy side. ^.^ But, dat's me!

Life is really good lately, you know? I went out onto the back deck at 5:12 yesterday morning, and the moon was just going down behind the tree line. The air was cold, and as I was standing out there, looking at everything under the ghostly lighting and the stars that were so vivid in the night sky, I began to pray. Prayer is such a powerful thing. It's amazing beyond belief. It's beautiful.
Whatever you do, wherever you're at, pray. I saw a sign on a church yesterday that I really liked:

"A day hemmed in prayer is less likely to unravel."

Simple, but sweet. You might want to write it down in your journals.

Oh! By the way! For a fresh excerpt from Cafe, go to the "My Writings" page and scroll down; you'll find an excerpt I recently put up. Enjoy!

- Hannah



Argentia Krystofel said...


Ahem, you will be happy to know that this evening I reorganized my closet...all my shoes have now found a home. :)

Hannah Leigh said...

Blood! >.<
... our poor, dear Smiling Angel... WHY ARE WE DOING THIS TO HIM!? *swoon*

... ahem. Anyway - GREAT! I can't wait to see it! Bekah's going back to the dentist on October 4, so - maybe I can talk dad (who'll be taking her) into stopping me by, if that's okay with you. :)

Love ya!
Have fun at the beach! (Sing a song for me!)

- Han