Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Big Boy

I was there when you were born,
watching you shiver, wet and cold
i watched you stand on long; unsteady legs,
reached out, took hold

you were as black as night,
the half moon rising on your head, milky white
i put a coat over you to keep you warm,
watched your lean, sleepy form

i'm still here for you, my dear Big Boy,
i'll love you forever, my bold, fiery joy
i want to train you to be strong
before you know, you'll be grown
it won't take long

fly free on unseen wings;
my maximus, bold ruler
your blood is true, flash your color

forever will you be loved, my undefeated big boy

 i felt like doing a tribute to my maximus... so... i did. ^.^

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Awww, he's such a sweet little fella =P
You know my little Sadie (she is a broken down welsh mare I use to ride) is going to have her little foal ANY DAY!!!!!! How cool is that!?! =D It's so exiting!!
O'h have been meaning to say, so sorry I haven't got your letter to you yet. We have been SO busy and all but don't worry it's going in the mail tomorrow! :) Promise!!
Ruby xx