Monday, October 17, 2011

Thoughts of a 17 Girl

Credit goes to Photographer
(not me!) 

The weather today is absolutely gorgeous; the last leaves are dancing from bare brown limbs in yellow and orange swirls. I was walking up the leaf covered driveway this morning, and they were falling so thick all around, it was right out of a book. 
     I've been enjoying life so much lately! This time of year always makes me so happy. A couple of nights ago, I was sitting in the rocking chair in my room, the window down, crisp air pushing the curtains aside, and my pen busily scratching the paper of my leather bound journal. It was dark outside, but the full moon was shining; only one lamp was on in my room as I wrote, hunched over the book, wrapped in what I like to call my "Solar Sweater", because it's so warm and soft. I pulled out my first journal that I had, and looked back at last year's October, and came to realize something: every season brings something new. There's always a new trademark for that period of time that sets it apart from the year before. Whether it's a person you meet, know about, a soft strand of music that lingers in the air, a sunkissed day, a dream, a letter, a smile - there's always one little thing that sets it apart. 
    I like to name my journals and the year they cover, so I'm going to start a new practice as of December 31, 2011, 11:59 PM - put in my favorite CD, set it to random, and 60 seconds after midnight, play it, and according to the track title, name that year. I don't know what the year will hold, so I can't pick a name - it's far better if I don't know what the name will be, and find out when the music plays. I think it'll be fun to look back at the end of the year and see if the name had anything to do with what happened during 365 days. 
   During the sermon yesterday, our pastor said something that stuck out at me; he was talking about Jesus paying 'the price', and said this:

The price tag usually indicates
how dear that something is to you...

I thought it was... really neat.  When He wrote my name down - think about it. 

And not only does that apply to His dying for His chosen, but I think it should also apply to the things we choose to spend our money on. They should be things worth while. If they mean so much...

The picture up top is one that my friend sent to me that she found on the Internet - I really like it. I think it's very pretty... even if it IS out of focus. ^.^ 
She sends me lots of amazing pictures - this happens to be my favorite so far, and I figured I'd post it. Somehow it matches the mood I'm in... I'm still trying to find words to describe that photo - maybe - bright strength?  I don't know.. I'll come up with something, I'm sure! Or, I can just say this: it's gorgeous. There. ^_^ 

I will conclude my ramblings. Thus. 

Remember that quote - I think it's well worth it. 


P.S. Here's my new Autumn/Winter profile picture; what do you think? (That's my Solar Sweater, by the way...)

Isaiah 41:10


Anonymous said...

The price tag usually indicates how dear that something is to you...Being a mother carries a big price tag, but you and your brother and sister are the dearest things in the world to me! The price tag is worth it! I love you, sweetie.
P.S. I really like your profile picture. You are growing up into a beautiful, godly young woman! I'm very proud of you and thankful to God for giving you to me.

Hannah Leigh said...

Thanks, mom! (I see you're finally commenting! ^.^) And I wuv you, too! <3 Always!


Abigail Pruence said...

Hey Han,

This is a wonderful post, I really enjoyed reading it! :) Love u girl, keep fighting.


Blythe said...

Wonderful post Hannah. That is a good thought.

OHHHHHH,I love your new profile photo. Did you take it? If so you'ld you do it?


Hannah Leigh said...

Blythe -
I did take it! I set it on a timer, used my brother's navy blue blanket for a backdrop, and had it on the "black/white" setting. That's it!
I'm glad you liked it!

Hannah Leigh said...

Abi -
Thank youuuu! <3