Monday, October 31, 2011

An October Night

photo from Google Images

Tonight is the close of October... I can barely believe it.
This is it. The only October in 2011.
November begins - the North wind becomes colder, sharper, the very last of the leaves let go, surrender themselves to dry gusts of air.
Just like October, it won't last.

October has been an amazing month for me; besides being my favorite, it's been another chapter in my life. October. I'll never forget.
Outside my window the world is dusky; branches are pallid and bare. Austere, but beautiful. Yes - this last night in October.

The days are beautiful.

Think deep thoughts on this last night in October. Thoughts of people far away, close to your heart, pray for them. Think deep thoughts. Slip quietly into silence: listen. Silence. Hear your thoughts.

Remember also that today is Reformation Day - not a pagan celebration of wickedness and death. Celebrate October - celebrate the Reformation.

Listen: the silence is speaking...

I sit alone vacantly in a dark room...
I hear music in my ears, though I didn't turn the music on...

Tonight... such a, beautiful night...


Anonymous said...

I sen't you a letter!!!! =D Should get it really soon!!!
Have a GR8 Melbourne Cup day!!!!! Wish me luck on betting a winner!!! =D LOL!

Ruby x

Anonymous said...

O'h forgot to add you this link... =)

Ruby x

Anonymous said...

hahaha! op's I didn't even link it on the second attempt!! LOL =P here it is,

Hannah Leigh said...

Ruby -
Thanks! I'll be looking for it; and I'll check out the link, too. :)


Argentia Krystofel said...

Beautiful post! I, too, am going to miss was a beautiful, special month. But, we've slipped into November now, and so I'm also quite happy...considering, it's my favorite month. ;)

Hannah Leigh said...

Thank youuu!
Hey, you're birthday is this month, isn't it? *jealous* Yeah, it is... I remeeember now. -.- >.<
Love you! Hugs!
- hannah