Friday, November 4, 2011

November 4, 2011

Today, somewhere, someone is celebrating a Birthday. Maybe quietly, maybe alone, maybe surrounded by friends...
Every day, someone is born - someone celebrates their birth.

I feel like I know you, but I've never seen you.
I feel like I can reach out and touch you, but a barrier lies between.
Where ever you are, my love is with you. I say a prayer for you - always in my heart.
I praise the Lord for you, because He has made you; fashioned you from the womb.
You may deny Him, harden your stubborn heart - this is why I pray.
You turn to walk away, towards the light you think bright - but that light is darkness. He's already called someone close, He's already worked in their heart; listen to what they have to say; don't turn and harden your heart.
My heart is with you on this day, though I don't know you, who you really are -
My heart will stay with you throughout the night, and I'll whisper another prayer for your soul. Don't walk away - stay.
You're one of thousands, so many people in the world - if I could, I'd pray for every one, know them by name, and wish them believe in the Son. But I can't - so for you, Nameless, I pray - that you will turn to see His love, grow in Him Day by Day.

Happy Birthday, wherever you are - though we've never met, you're not that far.

This is a beautiful poem a friend sent me - stop and listen...

After the typhoon passes
The wind becomes calm
I like the wind
I like the free wind
Wind, at the center of it, I'm there
My heart is becoming comfortable
Every time the sun sets,
Shadows begin to overflow the room
The air becomes two
Then from two becomes to four
It starts to disintegrate
At that moment
A wave of meaning starts to roll around in my head
From some time ago, it was like this
I can't remember it
The shadow of those who take in the brightest light is thick
The strong sun is attacking me again today
Black tears
Bright smiles
The transparent me
A world without leakage

Although I don't have any scars, I'm hurt
Although I have scars, It doesn't hurt
A pain that can't get encouragements
A pain that doesn't know how to get encouragements
A pain that will get encouragements

I'm sitting in the dark room by myself absent-mindedly
I didn't turn the music on
But I can hear music in my ears

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