Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Time of Coats, Hot Chocolate, and Flying Leaves

Photo from Google Images - Seoul Tower, South Korea

Yes, it's that time of year... again. 
      Autumn has come so quickly this year! In the next few weeks, the leaves will be almost gone; and it's only October 1st.

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. The time to pull out those stylish, wonderful coats, sip at hot chocolate like I did last night, sitting by the fire, listen to the wind blow outside. It's the time to watch those fiery leaves let go with a last sigh, drifting to the ground; to let the cold wind kiss your face and fill your heart. It's the time to snuggle down in your favorite hoodie and crack open that journal, write away.
     These are the days I want to walk down a sidewalk with Eric (my Prince Charming - don't ask. I just call him that! ^.^) and go to a quiet cafe; savor wrapping my arm around him and share a soft moment. Yes - I'm being romantic - I'm in the mood. ^.^

These Autumn days.

I love them.

It's the best time to enjoy the warmth of your house, the place God has given you to rest. I was laying in my bed last night, looking down on my room (because of my elevated position on the loft bed...) and was thinking, "My room is so great. I love having this little heaven of my own."

I'm convinced that God's favorite colors are green, blue and brown - but He likes a change; thus the seasons. Fiery reds, yellows and oranges, white blankets when the snows come. Yes, we can see what His favorite colors are.

And friends.

Tomorrow, friends come over after Life Chain Sunday. I get to share warmth with them and a cold Autumn day.

Yes, friends. Near the end of this month, I'll share an amazing time with my Best Friend in Georgia. Indeed.

Autumn: warmth, hoodies, socks, cracking fires, hot chocolate, bright leaves, biting winds, journals, and spilled ink.

Life is good.

- Hannah

P.S. Since tomorrow is Life Chain Sunday, I'm posting this video... they can't defend themselves - we'll do it for them.


Anonymous said...

Hey!! :)

I got you letter!!!! THANX!!!! =D It was awesome getting another letter from you!! Im replying now!! :) Promise!!!
My birthday tomorrow! I'll b 17!!! YAY!!! =D
Luv Ruby! :) xx

Hannah Leigh said...

Happy early Birthday, Ruby! Cheers!!!!

- Hannah