Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Take Flight

I took this picture the other day at a reenactment we went to - I LOVE it!
Go to www.hannah-leighphotography.blogspot.com to see more.

P.S. ... can I get some comments? Please? I haven't been getting but one or two. I'd really appreciate some comments. Just saying. :) 


Anonymous said...

WOW! That photo is amazing!! I love it!! You are such a gr8 photographer! It's a paned shot (i could NOT get a paned shot in the whole time I did my photography course! not fair!! LOL!! ) finely got one but no way as good as that! Congratulations on taking such a cool pic!! =D
Ruby x

Argentia Krystofel said...

Absolutely gorgeous picture. Looks professional! :D

And, blogger seems mostly dead-I never get any comments, either...except from you! And the occasional rare one from Cyll...being himself. ^.^


Blythe said...

Awesome photo....Of course you may have a comment. =) I've been actually kind a busy......

I love how clear the horse is and the rest are all kinda blurred behind it.

Hannah Leigh said...

Heehee! I do love it! To get a shot like that, I follow the subject with my camera - it's actually really easy. ^.^ (Took me a long time to get it too!)

Argentia -
Thank youuuuuu!
Blogger IS mostly dead. I know people are busy - so - I guess I can't complain. ^.^
See you Sunday!

Blythe -
Hi! Good to hear from you again. You're busy just like the rest of us; I understand! =D
Glad you're doing well!

- Hannah