Thursday, November 17, 2011

2 Years Ago Today

Yes, two years ago at around this time, 9:23 AM, I was cold and wet, sitting with my hurting horse in the woods, wishing him to get well. Sadly, he died only a little while later. He was 28 years old, and had some sort of stroke the night before; he couldn't walk right. He'd fallen during the early morning sometime down a slippery hill, and was trapped in a big hole, straddling a log. My poor baby. We called as many people as we knew on that rainy, misty morning, just like it is this morning, and tried so hard to get him to stand. He tried, too, but couldn't. So... *sigh* We put him down. My poor baby. I miss him. He was the sweetest thing ever. Good old Red...
If you'd like to see the tribute my dear friend did for him, you can go here.
We love you, Red! Always!


Anonymous said...

Poor old fella! =( He looked like such a lovely old horse. He was a grand old age 28 and it's amazing he got to live that long! You know the same kinda thing happened to my bro's old pony Tess, she was about 25-26 and it was raining load's one day and she was in a paddock with a kinda steep slope hill and she slid down here and broke her hip. It was soooooo sad!!! She was the BEST pony. =(
Step over to my blog some time, there is a tribute to an AMAZING horse, Hickstead that suddenly died lately. =( He was awesome!!
Ruby xx
p.s hope your enjoying the cold weather. It is SO hot here today. Show jump lesson in 36 deg's! shocking it was!! LOL!

The Girl who Tats said...

Hey Hannah,

I know you are missing Red. It is so kind of the Lord to give us animal friends.

Hannah Leigh said...

Ruby -
Aw... I can sympathize. Red was - like your pony - the best. You would have loved him!
I will! What happened to him?

- hannah

The Girl Who Tats -
Hey! It's been a while. Thanks; I appreciate it. How're you lately?


Anonymous said...

He was show jumping in France after he finished his jump off he had a sudden heartattack they think. It's such a horrible shame as he was a top ranking show jumper and he will be greatly missed. =(

Ruby xx