Saturday, November 12, 2011

Helloooo Saturday...

And this, dear readers, is me at the end of a Saturday...

Saturdays. They always turn out weird for me. Kind of like, Garfield, for example. Mondays are always against him.
Not that today was particularly bad - just that - *sniff* - it's Saturday. There's always some sort of something going on. Today we went down to my grandma's to rake leaves. Personally, I can't see a reason in the world to rake leaves unless you have a $500 lawn. Then, on the way down there, alongside the road, we see a billowing cloud of smoke. Yes - wild fire by the road. The bank was burning. Dad swerves over, I call the police, and while on the phone with them, he backs up, comes back around to the fire, and within seconds the trucks were there.
"Get outta the way so we can get to it!" one man shouted at us. Okay, so, I can see him being frustrated - but did he really have to snarl like that?
On top of all this, we've been doctoring a rooster. In fact, he's in the kitchen now in a cage, holding his head all weird. Syringe feeding a rooster sugar water isn't the most pleasant thing around, but it has to be done.
However, this Saturday is relatively nice compared to others; stressful, yes, but much less hectic than normal.

I love my family. As annoying as they can be - as much as I sometimes wanna lock myself in my room, I  *love* them. (Hey, I can be the same stinkin' way! =D)
Tomorrow is Sunday - I look forward to seeing my friends, to hearing God's word. I need to pay more attention to Him... I honestly do. Please pray for me on that, would you? My mind's in a spin, thinking about all of life. Sometimes I feel like tearing out the front door, out into the yard, and just screaming. (Of course, Saturday's do this to me... ;) But I always keep reminding myself - life is good. God is better.

On a different note - doing horrible things to your book characters is *amazing*. ^_^ It makes you love them all the more! Just think about it - he's crying. He's lost, alone in the dark, sitting by the grave where his parents are buried. He tries to console himself, but can't - it's dark. It's cold. His breath fogs in the air as he whispers something, tear streaks are visible on his pale face. He's cold, but he doesn't know it. He's afraid of the dark, afraid of the people in it. He's seeking comfort, but is rejecting the ultimate love from Christ. He's blindly groping for someone to love him, but doesn't know where to look. He's pleading for help, but doesn't know how to ask. He lays down by the tomb, hugging himself, black hair falling across his eyes, a sob catching in his throat. It's dark. It's cold. 
Yes, doing evil things to your heroes makes you love them.  I wonder just how many times I'm going to do something like this... >.> BWAH! I can't stand to think about it! My heart!!! ... I think it's breaking. T.T

 Yes... he's just been shot in the leg and as soon as he screamed, I fell in love with him. *nods head*


Saturday's aren't the best - life's good - and Jesus is *better*.
Serve Him in all you do this week!

- hannah

Memory verse for the week:
Proverbs 3:9-10
Serve God from your wealth, and from the first fruits of your produce, that your barns will be filled with plenty, and your vats will overflow with new wine.


Abigail Pruence said...

Hello my dear friend Hannah. I write this comment to you in concern, lol. heehee. Um, may I ask what all of the crazy moving pictures are about? If you pieced together the thoughts of a crazy person this is what you might get, lol. I'm just giving you a hard time ;) But seriously, what are the crazy pics about?

Love you girl :)

Hannah Leigh said...

Haha! Hey!
They're called 'gifs' - just the same clip played over and over again. Often meant to express how one feels. >.< (You'll be seeing them looots more...)
Oh, and thank you for your concern - I think I'll be fine... (LOL!)

Love ya!
- hannah