Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm Determined....

To *write* today!

Book: Cafe
Date Started: August 28, 2011
Page Count: 77
Text Size: 12
Text Style: DejaVu Sans Condensed
Chapter: 8
Main Characters In: Erica, Jungsu, Daehyun, Adriana
Main Characters to Go: Viktor, Youngbae, Justin, Xaiver Black
To be Added: (... that's a surprise...)
General Weather: Cold, Autumn, Snowy
Characters Wounded/Hurt: (THAT'S a surprise, too!)
Word Count Thus Far: 41,642

I *love* writing! It's the absolute best thing - it must be! To all you writing chaps and chapesses - keep it up! I'm not doing NaNoWriMo - so I can't quiet imagine the stress on you - but, keep it up anyway! =D
Write! Write away! Keep writing!
Alright, down to business...

I'm leavin', and I ain't nevah comin' back!

*hits publish*
*pops finger joints*
*takes a drink of water*
*...and WRITES.*


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