Monday, November 28, 2011

My State of Mind....

And this, my readers, is me after being up for 24 hours. O.O (*facepalm* ... I *adore* that dance. ^_^ )
This pretty much sums it up. No sleep. Running on pretty much no energy. Just the will to keep a smirk on my face long enough to type this. I'm warning you... I've gone insane. (Okay, okay - MORE insane that I was!)
Yes, it's true... I was up until 6:00 AM this morning.
The reason?

Two Girls + Lots of Talking = No Sleep

I stayed the night at my friend Caroline's house, aka, my brainstorming partner in crime, and we. had. a. blast.
I see her every Sunday, but I've never, amazingly, in 8 whole years, stayed the night! Sooo... the Kid Swap began. Yesterday, her family exchanged her little brother for me. After church, I was kidnapped and taken to her house, much to my glee, and we did the following:
Threw my bags in her room. I fussed at her for all the clothes being on the floor. She did laundry, I played task master, and we sat around giggling and listening to up-beat music. We sang together, brainstormed, and enjoyed every moment of it. (I also gave her a really cute do... she looked adorable!)
Dinner was a 'fend for yourself', which was fine with me; it's nice to do that sometimes! We skipped off to the kitchen, warmed up some really good pizza, stood around while eating it. We tried a package from Korea of dried seaweed, which was... interesting, to say the least. ^.^
We sat around, talked, laughed, giggled, and talked some more down in the kitchen after everyone had gone to bed. We were both tired, and agreed by 2:30 AM to wrap things up and head on to bed. It was dark in the kitchen as we sat at the table quietly, giggling to ourselves, clamping hands over our mouths. Finally, we scraped the chairs back quietly, and slipped up to her room, tip-toeing in the dark. Collapsing on the beds, we turned out the lights, continuing to talk. Before this, at around 11:30 or so, my throat had become very sore. By this time, I was convinced I was getting sick or something; however... that didn't stop the conversation. We discussed Cafe for quite a while, and while she was saying something about how unique it was after about an hour and a half of talking, and I swear - I drifted off for thirty seconds several times. She'd do the same, and finally, at 3:40, we were like, "we have GOT to go to bed!"
However... the conversation had just turned interesting.... we were discussing dreams. Bizarre dreams. VERY, bizarre dreams.  We were giggling and laughing so hard, I had to hide under the covers. In the glow of the red digital clock, I could see her doing the same. OOooh man... somebody help us. We were killing ourselves with confessing the wildest happenings of the mind! By this time, we'd both hit an adrenaline high, and continued to talk for the next near hour and a half on these weeeeird things. We're convinced we're going crazy. It just has to be true. It must.
Finally, I dared to look at the clock... it was 6:00 AM!!!! World record! >.<
"Caroline!" I hissed, half giggling with insanity. "We have *got* to go to sleep!"
"My mom's gonna kill me!" she wailed. We finally, with last giggles and smirks still on our happy faces, slipped into sleep for the next four hours.

 I woke up at 8:00, and saw that she was still sleeping. With a moan of a worn out mind, I stumbled out of the room and down the hall in a zombie like manner, found the bathroom (to my amazement, considering the state I was in), and brushed my teeth. Blah. The taste in my mouth was aaaawful. After doing that, I meandered back into her room, and promptly did a face plant on the bed, sleeping for the next hour. Without warning, Lillian, her little sister, comes waltzing in with a big grin on her cute face.
"Time to get uuuup!" she sings. I decided throwing a pillow at her wouldn't be very nice, so I simply rolled over, dragging the covers over my head.
"We'll be up soon, Lillian," I mumbled. She walked on out, calling, "don't forget to be!"
After about 10 minutes, I glanced back over at Caroline, who was still sleeping soundly, rolled over, and hit 'play' on the CD player. The upbeat music sent her sitting straight up.
"What the heck!?" she exclaimed, half consciously rolling over to grab the clock.
"What're you doin'?" she mumbled, repeating the face plant I'd done earlier.
"Your little sister came in," I replied, staring up at the ceiling. Surprisingly, I felt pretty good and awake, though still drowsy. Almost immediately, after one moment of eye contact, the music playing in the background, the giggling started again. *happy sigh*
That morning was lazy. After I'd showered, we lounged around in the den, both on the couch, her reading personality traits, me organizing her desktop on the computer. For lunch, we had miso soup in big coffee mugs, and stayed on that couch for at least a couple of hours. Then, starting an impromptu performance, I became Jungsu, and she became Adriana, both characters from the book, that lasted for at least 45 minutes. (It was actually pretty hilarious!)
At around 3:30, my mom came by to pick me up, but said she was going to the store for a little while. At this point, Caroline and I had been lounging on the beds once again amid a mess of mussed sheets, trying not to go to sleep, talking about good things. Life. God. People. It was an inspiring conversation. I eventually joined her on the bed she was on, and hand in hand, we prayed. It was truly beautiful. Praying with a friend is a wonderful thing. We held hands tightly, the rain pattering against the glass, fog thick outside, and tears of praise, thanks, and pleading running down our faces. Yes - we cried. I needed to cry. But... oh, it was a good sort of crying. I think, honestly, that was the best part of the whole visit. Praying together to our Maker, our wonderful Lord. How... breathtaking. It was beautiful.
Caroline, I love ya, girl. Thanks so much for the amazing time. I'm so glad we could spend it together!!! Let's always, always, always keep Him first. He's our Maker, He's our God, and we're His children. 

So, here I am, 9:25 at night, and exhausted, to say the least.
And thus I'll leave you to whatever you're doing. Ah... LIFE! IS! GOOD!
Even though I'm convinced I'm going insane... life's good. ^_^
The rain is pounding the house. The wind is whistling eerily... my bed is calling.

Goodbye, goodniiiiiiiight!!

- Hannah

Oh I'm so TIRED!!!! *dead faint* 


Autumn said...

I've stayed awake for 22 hours before but never a whole 24! Wow that must have been some high you where both on. Caroline sounds like a splendid person to know. Praying together= love.

Hannah Leigh said...

Haha! Oh, yikes... I just woke up a few minutes ago, and I'm still sooo tired!
The high was amazing - however - BWAH! The effect after is blaaaaah. I'm so sleepy! But it was good. Very amazing.
Pray with a friend today!

- hannah

Cylleruion Gwaithovorn said...

39 hours is too much. The very rare all nighter is acceptable and sometimes very useful, but in generally I never really want to stay up that long again.

Hannah Leigh said...

Hello to you, too. ^_^
Yeah, I know... but it's AMAZING! MEEP! I'm tired today, but still running on a miniature high. >.<
I've only been up late like that three times...
1. with Mirriam in 2010: 3:30
2. with Mirriamm in 2011: 5:40
3. with Caroline in 2011: 6:00
It's soooooo fun!!! *dead faint*

- hannah

Argentia Krystofel said...

Unni, you're so sweet! It was fun to have you over and I really want to do it again. :D Maybe sometime after Christmas or in January...
We can have a traditional Japanese meal and everything!!!

...only this time...let's please not stay up till six...>.<

Hannah Leigh said...

D'aaaaw! THANKS! That would be sooo much fun! >.< We must!
Haha - personally... I think it was pretty fun!!! =D You know me, 'course.

Love youuu!
- hannah

Ruby said...

Geez, I don't know how you stayed up till that late hour!! you crazy??!! haha I guess it's not to bad seeing you had such a ball!
Getting exited about christmas?? 1st day of summer today! YAY!! =D

Ruby xx

P.s Have you seen this horrid fall?? it's shocking!! Oliver is so luck but gee it must have hurt!! I think I would have died if it was me!! =/

Hannah Leigh said...

Ruby -
Hey! Yeah, it was great though. Yes! I am excited about Christmas!! Yaaay! We've already got our Christmas tree up. ^_^

I'll check out that video! Thanks

Ruby said...

Already got your christmas tree up?! Gee, I think your more exited about christmas then me!! LOL!

Ruby xx