Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Towards a Sky where Clouds Dance

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It's snowing right now! The flakes are so lazy and thick - the first snow! It's already coated the trees and ground; the biting wind is blowing, bringing in the first of December.

I wrote this poem last night, inspired by my time with Caroline...

The rain was falling quietly outside, pattering against the pane;
yet we sat quietly, grasping warm hands, bowing heads again.
There amid the mess of clothes, books, journals and more,
we closed are eyes tight, took a breath, and from our hearts, mixed words began to pour.
Quietly we spoke at first, trying to find the right words;
the light was dim, it reminded me of a dream - this prayer of ours, again.
The first words were a little unsure, a little wondering,
but quickly it grew, with passion and true, to something strong and amazing.
A sob caught in a throat, an urgant prayer went to Heaven;
we know He hears us, from His throne, high above He knows our hearts.
This prayer, earnest and pleading: "Lord, guide us, and don't let them depart."
Tears fell quietly, just like the rain, hitting my arm, yours, again.
Hands we held tightly, quietly we cried.
For us, for many, He died.
We're here for a reason; in our lives and in their's;
every person we meet, every face we see; it's real; He's working somewhere.
The fog swirled thick, the tears, the rain fell.
"With You, all things are possible," was the plea, the prayer that set sail.
So again we prayed; something special was in the air.
A strength, a hope; this quiet, lasting prayer...
The clock ticked quietly, the digital numbers turned.
I glanced at her, she at me; something new we had learned.
Prayer with a friend is a powerful thing;
the tear that ran down a face, the faint smile, the thanks yet again.
So close your eyes; grasp a hand.
Time is in a bottle, sifting like sand.
Pour out your heart, hold their hand tight;
let it go, remember tonight.
The darkness is bright, the dream hopes are there;
Oh yes... He's working. He's working somewhere.
So close your eyes; you never know...
This may be the reason for the prayer in our hearts -
Following the cold comes the snow.

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