Monday, February 13, 2012


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It almost feels empty.
But it was never full.

It almost feels lonely.
But it was never there.

It almost feels sad.
But it was never happy.

It almost feels cold.
But it was never warm.

It almost feels strange.
But it was never normal.


It almost feels full.
But it was never empty.

It almost feels there.
But it was never lonely.

It almost feels happy.
But it was never sad.

It almost feels warm.
But it was never cold.

It almost feels normal.
But it was never strange.

Time seems frozen, but it never stopped.
Time seems to disappear, but it never went fast.
What's this hurting feeling in my heart? I don't understand it.
The sun vanished behind the trees; I looked up at the sky.
I felt comforted.
Same sky.
Same sun.
But now the sun is gone. Now the sky is dark. And I feel... not here. Like I am miles away. Like... a chance slipped through my fingers like air. I couldn't take hold of it - I could only imagine.
I swallow a tight lump in my throat, and try to figure this out.
Why is it so awkward?
This is how it feels - these pictures help tell.

"We're not supposed to be here, but we are" - the words come over the TV from the other room. "And I believe that as long as God is on our side - nothing is impossible. Now... who will face the giants?"
... that quote just came through the speakers in the other room from the movie Facing the Giants...
And again.
I stand in awe.

Who will face the giants?

... I will. I have to. No matter how hard. I will. Until the end. I will.


It almost feels warm...
but it was never cold.

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Argentia Krystofel said...


was epic.

It totally described how I felt right then. It totally described everything.

It's just really beautiful.

So close, so frustrating, so sad, so happy...