Saturday, February 11, 2012

Book Idea

It happened.
I knew it would.
Another plot has entered my brain.

             He's just a boy. He screams throughout the day, but when the sun sets... it doesn't stop. It's constant.
They say he's insane.
They say there's something wrong with him.
            North Brother Island off of New York is said to be abandoned - but it's said that is where he is kept. He's under constant surveillance - but by who? Is 'Forgotten New York' as abandoned as it looks, or is it where the tormented are imprisoned and studied?
            They say he's insane... but who are 'they'?
            He never stops screaming.
            And he's Patient 19.


Abigail Pruence said...

YESS!!! Oh man this is a good idea, I'd run with it if I had half the whits and brains about book writing you do. To bad your writing Cafe right now, but I love Cafe too. Oh if only you could write two books at the same time, lol :D If you do ever start to write this one I wanna know right away!

Love u girl <3

Hannah Leigh said...

Yeah - it kinda creeps me out, and I'M the one that came up with the plot!!!
I'm actually ALREADY writing two books; Cafe and Shades of Gray, the civil war era one for the newsletter I do. So, if I took on He Won't Stop Screaming, it'd be THREE books at once; I don't think I could handle it. :P (I'm thinking about maybe changing such a long book title to "Patient 19" - which do you like best?

Argentia Krystofel said...

This. Is. Epic.

I especially love the ideas you have. I think it's totally going to take the character you just described to me and really WORK with him. There's so much about this character that could just be SO EPIC. XD

I've always been interested in this kind of psycho-creepy stuff so if you need any research help I am ALL IN. I'm more of a medical-research nut than a legal-research nut. LOL