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Book Report

Book: Cafe
Date Started: August 28, 2011
Page Count: 143
Text Size: 12
Text Style: DejaVu Sans Condensed
Chapter: 14
Main Characters In: Erica, Adriana, Jungsu, Daehyn, Justin (Viktor arriving SOON!)
Main Characters to Go: Viktor, Youngbae, Xaiver Black
To be Added: (... that's a surprise...)
General Weather: Cold, Winter, Snowy
Characters Wounded/Hurt: (THAT'S a surprise, too!)
Word Count Thus Far: 80,257

YAH! Here we go! I'm so excited; I brought Justin two days ago; another character! Things are spicing up - I'm really excited about it. So - my book writing buddy just got here, so I'll have to save more details until later. Meanwhile, here's my report for last month:

Book: Cafe
Date Started: August 28, 2011
Page Count: 123
Text Size: 12
Text Style: DejaVu Sans Condensed
Chapter: 12
Main Characters In: Erica, Jungsu, Daehyun, Adriana (Justin and Viktor coming within next 2 chapter!!!!)
Main Characters to Go: Viktor, Youngbae, Justin, Xaiver Black
To be Added: (... that's a surprise...)
General Weather: Cold, Winter, Snowy
Characters Wounded/Hurt: (THAT'S a surprise, too!)
Word Count Thus Far: 69,095

- hannah

 Seoul, South Korea

 Adriana Kang

 Erica Adams

 Erica Adams


Here's a snippet for you to enjoy - any dialogue in italics means they're speaking in Korean. ^_^

Chapter 14
Rebel without a Cause

"Heyo!" Adriana smiled as she opened the café door, cold air rushing in from outside. Jungsu glanced up, a grin appearing as he raised a hand.
"Yo – whattup?" It was just then that he noticed her little brother in tow behind, shyly clinging to her, squinted brown eyes looking around nervously.
"Hey! Minsung!" he laughed, twitching his chin towards the boy. Minsung's face disappeared into a smile when he saw him.
"Jungsu-sshi!" he grinned, waving a hand.
"He was well enough to come out today," Adriana smiled, looking down at her little brother. "He wanted to see you."
Jungsu came out from around the counter, wiping his hands off on a rag as he knelt down to Minsung's level, holding his hand up for a high-five.
"How's my buddy?"
Minsung slapped his hand, looking like a miniature gangster in his pilot's jacket and oversized base-ball cap.
"I'm fine," he grinned, revealing a couple of missing baby teeth. The storage room door slammed shut as Daehyun appeared, tossing auburn hair from his eyes.
"Yah!" he smiled, pointing towards Adriana. "How are you?"
She pulled long black hair over her shoulder, letting go of her brother's hand to pull her coat off. "Great. You?"
"I'm well. Erica'll be back in a minute; she went to pick up some stuff at the market," he said, nodding towards the window. Jungsu straightened, Minsung taking his hand as he did so.
"She said you might come by," he added, rubbing his nose. "You two going out again today?"
Adriana smiled down at her little brother before glancing over at Jungsu.
"Yeh," she laughed. "I was wondering if you guys could watch Minsung again while we're gone."
Daehyun had taken a seat on one of the bar stools, hands hanging between his legs as he smiled, eyes disappearing.
"Absolutely," he gave her a thumbs up. "He's fun to hang out with."
Minsung grinned shyly as he winked at him. Jungsu looked down at the little boy, nodding towards the storage room.
"You wanna help me put some stuff up?" he asked, bleached hair sliding into his eyes, voice sounding deeper. Minsung hopped up and down excitedly, taking off towards the room, pulling Jungsu along.
"I take that as a yes!" he grunted, stumbling along behind his excited helper. Adriana laughed, folding her coat over her arm with a grin.
"That kid loves Jungsu," she giggled, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. Daehyun swung his leg back over the stool as he got up, slapping a hand on the counter.
"You want something to drink?" he asked, flicking his head to the side with an air of authority. A humored smirk appeared on Adriana's face as she sat down at the counter, raising an eyebrow.
"Feeling in charge, are we?" she laughed. He grinned, adjusting the fadora on his head that sat in a slightly angled position.
"Maybe," he swiped up a cup, something in his eyes sparkling. "Now... what'll it be?"
She glanced over the choices, lower lip stuck out in a thoughtful manner, elbows planted on the counter.
"Hmmm... a white chocolate mocha," she smiled sweetly. Daehyun twitched his chin up in a confident way as he jolted the filter loose, giving her a smug smirk.
"I think I can handle that."
"... you look like a gangster in that hat," she giggled. While the milk was steaming, he tilted the gray fadora sharply, folding athletic arms over his chest, biting lower lip in a fake grimace, auburn hair touching the back of his shirt as he tilted his head back.
"Yo," he nodded, lowering his voice to its deepest point. Adriana fell into a fit of laughter, shaking her head at him.
"Nice try, big boy," she laughed as he pushed the hat back into its proper position, a smile appearing as he took the milk up.
"I try," he grinned. She watched him making the mocha quietly for a few minutes, chin resting in hand, observing how he put it together. Moments later, he capped the drink, sliding it over to her.
"There you go," he said, wiping his hands off on a rag. She thanked him, taking the hot cup carefully.
"It smells nice," she smiled. She glanced up as Daehyun tossed the rag over his shoulder, pushing himself up onto the counter to sit.
"Soo..." she hummed, glancing over at him. "How've you been doing since Sunday?"
He glanced up, one eye peering out from under the rim of the hat, the other from the slanted auburn hair. He took in a breath, a small smile appearing as he looked down at his hands, swinging his dangling legs back and forth.
"Mmm... better," he looked up, the grin a little bigger. "Less tense."
Adriana took a sip of her coffee, trying to hide the delighted smile that appeared on her face.
"I'm glad to hear that," she said in a sophisticated way, tone a little more higher than she intended. She knew he had caught it by the way a shy, small smile reappeared, and was more than relieved when she heard the café door open.
"Erica!" she squealed, slipping off the stool to hug her friend.
"Hi, Adge!" Erica laughed, wrapping one hand around the other girl and balancing bags of groceries in the other. "How are you?"
"Great!" she beamed, taking one of the bags. "You?"
"I'm alright," Erica smiled, setting the rest of the groceries on the counter. "Keep the fort held down?" she asked, looking over at Daehyun, who had jumped off of the counter to put away the items.
"Yeh," he nodded, flicking his head again. "It wasn't busy at all."
"Where's Jungsu?" Erica asked, pulling off her coat.
"He's in the back," Adriana pointed, sitting back down on the stool. "Minsung's helping him with some chores, I think."
Almost as soon as she'd finished speaking, Jungsu came around the corner, Minsung riding on his back, arms wrapped around his neck.
"Someone call me?" he grinned, tossing his head to the side. Erica laughed, waving to Minsung.
"Just wondering what you're up to," she smiled as the little boy waved back at her. "We'll be leaving in a few minutes; can you hold it down a while longer?"
Jungsu pulled his little companion off of his back, the clinging child giggling furiously.
"Sure," he grunted, trying to rotate him into a better position. "I might have to do it with this monkey on me all day, but yeah – I'll manage."
Daehyun came around the counter and pried Minsung off of Jungsu's back, bear hugging the squirming figure in his strong arms.
"I say we just lock him in the storage room," he grinned. Minsung stuck his lower lip out, looking up seriously at his captor.
"You wouldn't do that, Daehyun-sshi," he said solemnly. Daehyun laughed, taking off his fadora and plopping it onto the boy's head; it practically engulfed him, resting far over his eyes.
"Of course not," he smiled. Adriana picked up her purse and coat, looking over at Erica.
"I guess we'd better go," she said, having looked at the clock. Erica nodded, picking up her own coat.
"Yeah, we probably should. We'll be back around 2:00, guys," she called. Daehyun gave her a thumbs up, one arm loaded with Minsung, who mimicked his action and facial expression to the best of his miniature manly ability. Jungsu smiled widely, leaning over the counter, skinny elbows bent out as he did so.
"Take you're time – we'll teach mini-gangster how to play poker."
"You'd better not!" Adriana squeaked, one hand on the door. "You'll regret it."
He tossed his head, waving her away nonchalantly.
"Okeh, okeh – we'll just do boring stuff like-"
"Lock him up in the storage room," Daehyun commented as he walked by, a slight smirk on his face.
"Yeeeaah... stuff like that," Jungsu rolled his eyes, flicking his head to the side. Erica uttered something between a laugh and a sigh, shaking her head.
"I give up. Come on, let's leave the guys to their strange ways."
"Bye, Minsung," Adriana called to her little brother, waving a hand. "Behave..."

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