Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fourth of July 2012

        Last night was *amazing*!
We invited practically everyone from church to come to our house and celebrate with us; and most of them came. ^_^ We had about 31 people! The fireworks was fantastic, the air humid, the lightening bugs all over the place, the food satisfying, and the sweaty hugs in plenty.
        I'm convinced my dad is a pyromaniac; setting off those explosions in the sky is his absolute favorite thing to do.
        The boys had their army man battle once again this year, setting off their own mini works in that poor, little destroyed town that is constructed over our late goat's grave. =.= But it's cute. ^_^
        God was good, and He kept the rain at bay! Thank You!

 Avery's standing there with a satisfied grin on his face.
Burn, baby - BURN.

 The town decimated by the smoke of the smurf...

           We had such a good time; I enjoyed listening to the conversations, the laughs and the faces. Here's just a few of those faces that are special to me...

The Fireworks

And here's a few videos from our amazing time... enjoy, and please comment!

This is from the Army Man battle - I *love* this!

Nathan and Christopher quoting the movie Gladiator... you'd have to see the film. ^_^

This is the 'cup dance' that Megan and Christopher taught us... best video of the night. ^_^


Anonymous said...

That cup dance was SO much fun!

Me again

PS Were you not entertained!!!???

Hannah Leigh said...

Hey, *I* wasn't even doing it, and thought it was VERY entertaining. ^_^ (This is probably why I watch that video over and over. XD)

- hannah