Friday, July 6, 2012

From the Fourth

This video was taken by Caroline's mom (I think... it may have been Caroline! ^_^) on the fourth this week. They've gotten so good! Keep it up, Nathan and Christopher! I figured I'd put it up for you guys to enjoy.

- hannah


Nelly said...

Daww, thats a gorgeous post :)
Hannah, I have been meaning to write you a letter, like for ages but can never get around to it. I will still try but would you mind if I emailed you more instead? It just that writing letters is a bit difficult at the mo and quick email would be so much easier and I could send photos dat way which would be cool! :)
Here is my email address,

Hope your having a fab summer! While I speak the rain is pouring down so heavy!! I LOVE it!!!

Nelly :) xx

Hannah Leigh said...

Nelly -
HI! That's okay - I know everyone's really busy. Sure, you can email me! That'd be fun. And speaking of rain - it's been doing the same over here! Love it!

- hannah

Nelly said...

Cool!, what was your email address again?? :) lol

Nel x