Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Little on Life

   Life has been very interesting lately; even though it's the same-old routine of things, it still manages to take those 'interesting' turns when you least expect them... and not in big ways; small, little ways.
   Last night, I woke up at 3:30 to go outside and see if I could spot any meteors. I pulled on my coat and socks, groggily made my way to the door, turned on the porch light first to make sure there weren't any monsters hiding out there to get me, flicked it off and THEN went out. The air was cold and filled my lungs, but the sight of the stars filled my heart. There were thousands. Glowing, sparkling, shining like tiny pin-point diamonds in the night sky. I leaned over the rail and kept my eyes heavenward, shivering but not wanting to go back inside. A small smile appeared when I remembered that some friends were doing the same thing, and almost as soon as the thought crossed my mind, there it went - a meteor blazing across the sky. I could only stay out there in the silence and cold long enough to see four stars fly and two very bright ones in the corner of my vision, and then went in... but for some reason those few minutes seemed sacred. No one else had gotten up to watch them with me - it was just me, myself and I standing out on the back deck gazing skyward. They have no idea what they missed.

 NaNoWriMo is still going, going GOING... I'm sadly behind on my word count. (I should probably be writing in Cafe instead of doing this post... but my brain is tired of dealing with Viktor right now. :P) I have, however, made considerable progress in the story. Here's my count:

Book: Cafe
Date Started: August 28, 2011
Page Count: 209
Text Size: 12
Text Style: DejaVu Sans Condensed
Chapter: 21
Main Characters In: Erica, Jungsu, Daehyun, Adriana, Viktor, Justin
Main Characters to Go: Youngbae
To be Added: (... that's a surprise...)
General Weather: Cold, Winter, Snowy
Characters Wounded/Hurt: (THAT'S a surprise, too!)
Word Count Thus Far: 117,281

It's coming, slowly but surely. I'd post more, but time escapes me and I have to write... again.
Keep working hard, everyone!

- hannah


Lucas said...

I missed the shower but I often look at the stars for a long time. My camera can never capture what I see, but at least I saw/see it

Hannah Leigh said...

I'm the same way. One of my favourite memories takes place on a Summer night this past year, where I went out in the front yard and just gazed for nearly an hour. It was *amazing*... but also highly frustrating that the camera won't capture it. :P

Lucas said...

Ahh. Yes. Life is like that isn't it.
But I usually enjoy the silence and being alone. It's nice to every once and a while sit alone on my roof just watching the stars.

Argentia Krystofel said...

Lucas-there's another shower on the night of the 13th of December. If you go out at around 11:00 PM you should see some, if it's not cloudy.

Hannah-YOU HAVE TO COME TO OUR HOUSE!!!!!~~~~~~ Bring a leather jacket/lots of warm fuzzy clothes and a thermos if you like. This time I'll get it done right and we won't be freezing out there like Christopher and I did. XD Just imagine us, 4:30 in the morning, sitting on the frozen ground, huddling up, with our noses about to fall off. XD At least this shower begins before midnight/ maybe it won't be *quite* so cold? *wishful thinking*