Friday, November 30, 2012

Dumb&Dumber - CRAYON

     ... wow.
     What. A. BLAST. 0_0
     I've been gone to Georgia for the past four days and got to see my Best Friend in the process - EEK! We had a *wonderful* time. 'Twas absolutely amazing.
     We (myself, mom, Nathan and Rebekah) left the house at around 4:45 am, bundled up and crammed in the Nissan to begin the six hour drive. It was long, boring, and totally uneventful, and we arrived at around 10:30 at grandma's house.
     That afternoon at 3:00, a green van pulled into the driveway and I went thundering down the stairs to greet my Bestest Friend - it'd been four months already.
     "Helloooo!" I hugged her, giddy but feeling like this was a regular occurrence all at the same time. Everyone exchanged hellos and we sat around for a while talking before her mom had to leave. We giggled over story ideas and such, debated what the meaning of 'juseyo' is in Korean, and over-all acted like our crazy selves.
     When we went upstairs to settle in and get comfortable, the real insanity began. We sat on the floor beside the bed, listening to music, talking about people and exchanging silly stories, and writing weird letters to each other in our journals. ^_^ She was enjoying a mug of orange juice (instead of coffee?! 0_o), and I was enjoying my pepsi... hadn't had one for the past two weeks, kkk.
     Oh, and then she began to draw strange things on my hand....

     We sat up in that room for at least a couple of hours, enjoying each others company and laughing over the weirdest things.
      I also found out a couple of new things about her (perish the thought! Is that even POSSIBLE?!) 1 - She drinks her coffee black. For some odd reason I always thought she was a cream and sugar gal. 2 - She didn't. know. what. CHEESE. TOAST. was. 0.0 Okay, okay; have I gone mad, or is that beyond comprehension? That's kinda like me not knowing what 'boom shakalaka' meant. *smiles*
     We stayed up Saturday night until 2:00 am after deciding on a role play, having an absolute blast. We decided that if one of us ever breaks up with the other, we'd have to hire assassins to kill ourselves because we simply know waaay too much. >:)
     After role playing for a few hours, I think I mentioned something about it and she says, "THAT'D be awkward," in a completely in-character voice. Unfortunately, that threw me OUT of character and I broke down into a giggling fit, which prompted her to do the same thing. (Needless to say, that ended the RP...)

 *my lovely brother*...

     The next day was Sunday. I woke up before her and decided to let her sleep while I went to shower. When I came back - she was still sleeping. Not exactly a surprise. So I went downstairs and got two cups of coffee; one for myself and the other I hoped would appease her morning-monster-wrath.
     I sat down on the bed cross-legged and tapped her shoulder, expecting a fist to meet my face. She mumbles and rolls over instead. I cleared my throat, holding the coffee out so she could see it.
     "I was nine?"
      She blinks, and a slow smile appears. "Yeah. Give."
     (The 'I was nine' joke came from watching a Korean drama, where Mirriam's sister misheard the guy asking his girlfriend if she wanted coffee... don't ask me how she got 'I was nine' out of that...)
     We laid around talking for a few minutes, and then finally forced ourselves into 'walk' mode and began to get ready for church. The day went by, the sermon was good, and HO boy... I was getting a cold. Nathan had kindly passed it on to me.
     But despite the cold, we continued to have a blast - we took some hilarious videos and backtracked over old jokes we had. A new one came in the form of my terrible grammar mistake when instead of saying "the Blacks and I", I said "the Blacks and we". Leave it to Mirriam to take something like that and morph it into a joke we'll never forget.
     "The Blaxonwee?!" she squeaked. Thus we now have a fell beast from the depths of the earth that haunts our conversations, and anytime we see anything that could be the slightest bit disturbing, it gets labled with the title of Blaxonwee.
     That night we stayed up until... um... *whispers* 6:30. In the morning. However - we have noooo regrets!!!
     In all honesty, I think the following was my favourite moment out of all the laughter side-stitches and embarrassing things she said. We had to take her back the next morning, and on the way down the Interstate, we sat in the back seat of the Nissan singing at the top of our lungs to some of our favourite songs, coffees in hand and driving my poor, wonderful mother insane. =D There'd be the random "Look at that building! It reminds me of UNIT!" followed by brainstorming over a book scene or plot. I loved it so much. ^_^

    It was sad to say goodbye. *IF* they come up for my birthday next year, that's eight whole months. :( Maybe we can come up with something between now and then.
    Mirriam, I love you, unnie. You had me in a constant state of smiles and laughs - it's just what you do to people. ;) And the jokes we shared were hilarious; I wrote them down for good measure. You're so sweet and insanely cruel all at the same time, and even if I DO get annoyed at you on the rarest of occasions, it's doomed to fail because there's no way I can stay that way towards you for more than ten minutes. ^_^ God gave me a special gift when He brought us together, and I have a feeling that we'll always and forever be Best Friends. (Our husbands will die of old age trying to figure us out. =D) You're such an encouragement to me, you inspire me, and you make me want to steal your memories when you write something brilliant that I never would have thought of. ;D
     당신을 사랑합니다, 언니.
     You're fantastic. ;)

Au Naturale :P

She weareth shoes....

     This edition was dubbed 'CRAYON', because we literally got our crazy on. XD Enjoy these videos I put together - the first one a conglomeration of some of our craziness, and the next is Mirriam's rendition of The Tale of the Blaxonwee.... have fun. ^_^


Argentia Krystofel said...

Awwww...T.T I wanted to go! Hahahaha, maybe another time. You guys are hilarious. Even if you both got sick, you still managed to have a great time together. Or should I call it a weird time together? Or something like that. :P

Hannah Leigh said...

Maybe we can all get together for my birthday again this coming year! (After all, we'll be 19. XD)
EEEK! Yeah, funny the things you can do if you've only got a little about of time. XD

Lucas said...

Your guys are crazy :)
Anyway looks like you enjoyed it. Friends a truly rare and special gifts.