Tuesday, November 13, 2012


One word: EPIC. ^_^

Alright, all you Blogger people... can I get some comments over here? ;)
Even from those of you I haven't heard from in a long time - I'd REALLY love some comments!

- hannah


Timeless Trinkets said...

That picture about sums up the radomness of the artist. I do like crayons. Even now I get very excited about seeing a fresh, new pack of crayons opened. They even have a new crayon smell. So, it's a bit sad to see such destruction done to crayons....I think I might go cry about it:)

Maximillian said...

Ok, you get a one-word comment: Hi! ;)

Hannah Leigh said...

Timeless Trinkets - Haha! Aw, don't cry! *hands you a tissue* I'm sure there's plenty more crayons out there. ;)

Max - Why, you! =D tsk tsk... ah well... at least it's A comment. ^_^
Hope you're doing well - give us some more updates on your blog. :)

- hannah

Sarah Simpson said...

Hey Hannah! LOVE that picture. I've always wanted to try that. Some day when I get a camera again, perhaps. Crayons are so awesome.

Lucas said...

I like the picture. The crayons scream “Save us!!!!”

...and I whisper. “No”

Hannah Leigh said...

I shall now name you The Crayon Destroyer. XD

Lucas said...

Awww. Thank you very much your majesty, your too kind. But ^you^ killed them. I just watched with a stupid smile watching their fate.

Hannah Leigh said...

Actually, I didn't kill them... I got that picture off of a website. ^_^
Though trust me I'd kill them if I could! *evil laugh*