Friday, November 9, 2012

What I Really Need Right Now...

It's the end of a long day.... a long week, actually.
Everyday this week, all except for one, I've been getting up at 5:00 AM to write in Cafe for NaNo... wow. It pays off, but missing an hour and a half of sleep is frustrating. :P
We've also been stacking, unstacking, restacking and then stacking again about, collectively, four truckloads of wood. Ooh, the aching muscles!
I'm currently taking a mini-break from writing at the moment to rest my brain... and I decided there are three things I'd really, *really* love right now.
A delicious, steaming peppermint mocha, a heated keyboard so my frozen fingers can thaw out, and someone to rub my shoulders. :P
That'd be awesome. ^_^ Though I highly doubt anyone would be willing to stand behind me and rub my shoulders for any amount of time; they might start aching, too. >.<
Ah, well... life must go on. The joys of NaNo, haha. I've been so cramped up staring at this computer screen for I don't know how many hours on end, and then unloading all of that wood on top of that... but now it sounds like I'm whining, so I won't. :)
Not my intention... just a rant.
Alright, all you writing people - let's get back to it.

- hannah

My surge of inspiration right about now...
looks like this:


Argentia Krystofel said...

The cat gif made me laugh my face off...


Wow, you sure do have a dayful! Sometimes I feel like I just wanna sit down and have some hot chocolate or something and not think at all-so I walk up to the store in the frozen air, buy a box of hot chocolate, and then I make myself a cup and just listen to some quiet music while I drink it. :)

Hannah Leigh said...

Hey! *giggle* yeah, the cat gif was pretty epic. ;) I can see another Cat doing that, haha. XD
Thanks for the comment! (((hugs)))
Hot chocolate FTW! ;)
- hannah