Sunday, November 4, 2012


     It's quiet, it's rainy; the skies are overcast.
     It's loud, it's bright; the skies are hidden.

     I'll never give up, never lay it down and say 'I quit'.
     It's all too important. Life... it's too important.
     We win souls for Him - we use the tools He's given us.
     But sometimes, those tools are invisible, bearing the label 'PRAYER'.
     We must pick it up anyway, though we cannot see it.
     We must use it, remember that faith helps us to see the unseen.
     Its more powerful than we know - more active than we see.
     And with every heartfelt word reaching to heaven, the angels are unleashed.

     It's quiet, it's rainy - the day is coming to a close.
     It's loud, it's bright - the night is just beginning.

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