Monday, November 5, 2012

Write Like Your Life Depends on It

Yes... I'm doing NaNoWriMo this year.
And I'm going insane. 0_0
Okay, it's not that bad, but I've been getting up at 5:00 in the morning just to write for a couple of hours. I'm currently putting a main character in a burning building so he can rescue another character and they both get out... hopefully. >.> I actually just had one of my main characters surprise ME - he announced to a friend that he's thinking about quitting his job at the Cafe! Even I didn't see that one coming... he just... said it. --_--
It was very surprising.
Anyway... here's my NaNo page - keep up with my progress and kick me if I don't do more, haha. I'm a bit behind, but am hoping to catch up today. (And yes, I'm under the 'rebel' section because I'm starting with a pre-exsisting novel...)
All you NaNo-ers - KEEP WRITING!

- hannah

Excerpt from my story - it's a draft. :P
Smoke blanketed the air, screams and shouts echoed as people ran, firemen working to get the occupents of the building to safety as the searing heatwaves threatened. Onlookers were pushed back by officers; lights flashed and torrents of water directed at the upper levels with out any apparent effect.
Jungsu tore through the pressing crowd in an area less occupied by officers, gasping for air as he turned in a circle, eyes darting over those being rescued from the building. Hand raked through hair as he turned, lungs heaving.
"Jungsu!" he heard Erica's voice shout at him. He turned, looked, didn't see her. She shouted again, and through the chaos he spotted her, Minsung clutched in her arms.
"Minsung," he breathed, running towards them. Erica held the little boy tight, his arms wrapped around her neck and tears streaming down his face.
"A fireman found him in the hallway," Erica cried. Jungsu knelt down beside them, taking the boy by his small shoulders and speaking to him as gently as his strained voice would allow.
"Minsung, where's your sister?" he questioned, the shouts loud in his ears. "Where's Adriana?"
"I don't know," Minsung sobbed. Jungsu took the boy's face in his hands, trying to hide the pure fear in his eyes, trying to keep his voice level.
"Where did you see her last? Minsung, I need you to remember for me..."
"She told me to run outside," he choked, wiping a small hand across his eyes as more tears streamed. "But she didn't come."
Jungsu's eyes locked with Erica as she pulled the boy back into her arms. He looked up at the flaming building, heard the shouted order to pull back from the weakening structure.
"Jungsu no!" Erica sobbed as she grabbed his wrist when he stood. "She's probably already out!"
"You heard Minsung!" he yanked his coat off, laying it over the boy's shaking shoulders. "I'm not risking that."
"If the fire doesn't kill you the smoke will!" she begged, clutching Minsung tight. "She's already out!"
"Do you want to live with that?!" Jungsu shouted at her. He pulled the overshirt he was wearing over his head and immersed it in a pool of icy water before grabbing an abandoned fireman's coat that was hanging from the side of an ambulance. "I refuse to!"
"Jungsu, please!" Erica stood, tears running down her face as she lifted Minsung in her arms. The Korean picked up his soaked undershirt after pulling on the fireproof coat, scanning the scene swiftly to make sure no officers would stop him.
"Get Minsung outta here!" he shouted as he started towards the building, putting the shirt to his mouth.
"Do it! Get him out of here!"
"Jungsu!" she screamed, breath escaping as a sob caught in her throat. She could only watch as he turned and ran, pushing past one fireman and into the collapsing building.
"Where's Jungsu-shii going?" Minsung cried, trying to turn and look. Erica pressed the little boy's tear-stained face into her shoulder, turning him away as she began to walk backwards, trying to keep the choke out of her own voice.
"He'll be fine," she tried reassuring him, closing her eyes and bowing her face into his small body at the same time, hoping that she was right.

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