Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Something Special

     I saw this idea on Pinterest, and have decided to take it up...
     At the beginning of the year, you take a jar and throughout the year, fill it with little pieces of paper with moments you have found special written on them. An idea I'd suggest to go with this is carry a little notebook with you so you can scribble them down while they're fresh in your mind, no matter where you are. And at the end of the year, you open it up and go through everything inside; it's a good way to not only let you're mind relive some of those moments, but to remind you of God's little gifts to us, things we tend to forget.
     It's a jar full of captured moments from 2013, and I'm going to give it a try.

- hannah

(I also took a magazine clipping and used it on the outside of the jar; it adds a nice effect. :)


Abigail Pruence said...

these pictures turned into giant grey circles with a dash through dem :(

Hannah Leigh said...

I FIXED IT. :P It was really screwed up there for a while... 0_0

Abigail Pruence said...

I see that! thank you now I can ur purtty picturezz <3

Anonymous said...

You just reminded me about this! I was going to do it this year so will set about it strait away!! I love the idea and sooo want to do it :) My friend did it last year and it was really nice :)

xx Nel xx