Monday, January 7, 2013

Beauty in the Day

Have you ever stopped to look for the beauty that surrounded you in one little day? Sometimes it's kind of hard to find... you have to look hard for it - but it's there. The small things that we discover are reminders from God that He loves us, and He gives us these small, often overlooked gifts to tell us that.
Find something beautiful today and take a picture of it; keep it to remind you of the wonderful things He puts around us.

- hannah


Anonymous said...

I often think how blessed I am to have such beautiful horses all around me every day :) And the wonderful farm I live on. You don't realise how good God is to you until you stop and take a look around your surroundings :)

Do you have an email Hannah? I would love to send some photos to you :) here is mine:

Nelly xx

Maximillian said...

Well said. :)
The photo looks interesting; did you make the candle jar things?

Hannah Leigh said...

Nelly - Hey! Yeah, I've got one. I'll email it to you at the address you gave. :)

Max - Thank you. :) Actually, haha - I didn't take the photo or make the candles. :P I AM, however, planning on making the candles. =)

- hannah