Monday, March 3, 2014

Feeling Better and... More Snow

     so, for the most part, we're all feeling better.
     and it's snowing. again. i want spring to come sooo badly! i miss the warm weather.
     how's life for all of you? i'm getting along with my own, despite any ups and downs. although i must say, winter is proving to be quite a drag for me.
     this year, one of the things i'm really going to be focusing on is my health. i've come to realize how important the state of your body, both inside and out, is and should be, and am working diligently on fixing it. things like lots of greens and exercise and lemon water and yeah, even salt flushes. i'm actually wanting to get my hands on a good amount and variation of essential oils; they really do work wonders. i'll probably smell like a walking diffuser before its over with (even at this very moment i smell like a walking rosemary plant... it helps your hair grow, you know.) so yeah. who's interested in this sort of thing? if there's enough of you out there that might be vaguely interested, i could post my findings and discoveries for you to look at. maybe they'll be helpful to you.

     - the writer


Sarah Lorin said...

Hey Hannah, I'm glad I stopped in to peek here at your blog today! also glad you're feeling better! Was it like the stomach flu or something? (oh, I feel you!) I don't blame you one bit for wanting to be healthier, it's scary, all the filth in our world today. our family is trying to go organic and natural, and yes, I am all about herbs and essential oils too. Would love to read what you post about it, if'n ya get the notion to do so! =D Ever seen Food Inc.?
We should talk some time. Maybe Heather and I will take a road trip down your way some day.
Much love!

Hannah Leigh said...

Sarah! Hi girl! Thanks for the comment. I'm not sure if it was the flu or not... I think it was just a really bad bug that decided to love on us for a couple of days. :P However, we're pretty much all better over here. EEK! I'm so glad that you're into the herbs/essential oils! We /really/ need to get together and discuss this at some point. I'd love for you girls to come visit! I think we'd have a good time. Yes, I've seen Food Inc. It's so scary, isn't it? Come see me soon!

- Hannah