Saturday, March 1, 2014

Of Long Nights

     the last couple of days have been rough.
     thursday night, i spent the night sleeping (or not) on the bathroom floor; my mom was on the couch, my brother was in the other bathroom, and my dad was drifting in and out of sleep somewhere between the bedroom and the den.
     it was awful.
     as bad as everyone else had it, i threw up 13 times; i still feel incredibly weak, and am trying to keep a lot of liquids in me. everyone else, save mom to an extent, seems to be feeling a bit better.
     right now, we're just all enjoying a quiet evening, sitting in the den by the fire and watching The Return of the King.
     it's cold outside, and i'm wishing for someone to cuddle with. i went to feed the horses this evening, and the sun felt so amazing; i can't wait until spring. i want spring to come so badly... the warmth and the sun and the sound of birds... i just want spring. i'll feel much better when i can shed the layers and soak up the sun.

     hopefully we'll all be healed up soon. we're kind of all feeling very weak and lethargic, but hopefully within the next few days we'll be getting better. prayers would be appreciated.

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