Friday, June 27, 2014

Lavender Coffee, Muffins, and Fairy Paintings

     today mom and i went to winston-salem to an absolutely awesome hippie coffee shop with mom. i absolutely LOVED it and took a bunch of pictures. i had a lavender cafĂ©-au-lait for the first time ever - it was absolutely awesome. i noticed that the lady working there didn't have an espresso machine, so i asked why, and she said that the owners mostly wanted to focus on the coffee; the best brewed coffee. and lemme tell you: they succeeded.
     mom and i really enjoyed the quaint setting, the fairy paintings on the wall, and the overall scent of coffee and hardwood floors.
     it was a good day. a little stressful, but a good day. mom and i really enjoyed our time together.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photographs. Thank you for sharing. You're very talented.

Courtney said...

Those are lovely pictures, Hannah! It makes me want to visit that coffee shop. :)

Hannah Leigh said...

Anonymous - Thank you!

Courtney - Hi! I think this is the Courtney I'm thinking of :) It was a very nice coffee shop. If you ever go to Winston Salem, it's called Twin City Hive. Good to hear from you.

- Hannah

Anonymous said...

I love spending a day with you! You see everything from an artist's perspective - certainly different from mine. You have taught me to "stop and smell the coffee." Love you bunches.