Friday, June 27, 2014

The Feeling of Rain

     last night, it was dark when i came home from work. the air had cooled and rain had begun falling from the invisible skies. i went inside and put my bag away, and then changed into some shorts and an oversized flannel button down; i told mom i was going outside, and then stepped into the night. it was wonderful. the rain poured down around me and i went out to the swing, and began to swing in the rain and listen to it pound the canopy of leaves all around, and let it wash over me and cleanse me. i then sat in the grass, hugging my knees, thinking about life, love, and God. it felt so amazing. it really, truly did, and i'm convinced that those who do not lose themselves in the beautiful creation of darkness and rain for a brief moment in time are really missing out.
     God really gave me a very precious gift last night. it helped me to breathe, relax and reconnect. it was a very... wonderful moment.

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