Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Simple Woman's Day Book: Week Five

Hi everyone,
I'm so sorry about not posting in a while; as you know, the Father & Daughter Retreat is coming up, so we're getting ready for that, and we're also trying to get some school done. In other has been VERY busy!
We're having a Bible study here at our house every Tuesday evening, and my mom and I cook dinner for about 23 people, including us. Right now, my dad is out of town, so we didn't have it this time, but next week, the evening before the F/D Retreat, we're doing it. Please be praying for my mom and I as we cook for all of these people, and please pray for my dad as
he leads the study.

Alright, now, since I have to go and feed the horses here in a minute, I'll do something quick:

For Today: March 18th, 2009
Outside my window: It is late evening; my favorite time of day. :) The sun is out and the wind is blowing slightly, mixing in with the last trills of birdsong.
I am thinking: About how I just described the above answer. :)
I am thankful for: Days like this.
From the kitchen: Nothing. All is quiet. (Though I do hear the dog barking outside)

I am wearing: Beige colored shorts and a pink shirt that says "Lee".
I am reading: Stepping Heavenward, my Bible and Doomwyte.
I am hoping: To go to bed soon...I'm tiered! :)

I am hearing: My keyboard, computer vent, mom talking to Bekah and my breathing.
Around the house: Fairly clean.

One of my favorite things: My Purity Locket from Vision Forum.
I accomplished since last week: Getting up on time.
A few plans for the rest of the week: I really want to draw something...but I don't know what.

Here is something special that I'm sharing with

And you thought YOUR car was messy!


J.J. Biddinger said...

Hello, I found your blog through Kevin, a friend of mine, and it looks very nice. :)

As for the van, it almost looks like ours... but you must've repainted it blue. LOL ;)


Molly said...

Great post!.....I'm not going to make it to the Father Daughter Retreat this year...hopefully next year...

In Christ...



I saw that some girls were signing there names "Miss" I was wandering why?


Merilwen said...

Very interesting!

God Bless!!

~Miss Rose~ said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the comment. This van has been seen LOTS of times around the place where I live...and every one that sees it always stops to stare. :) I happened to have my camera with me when I saw it. Anyway, thanks again, and come back!

I'm sorry to here that, friend. :( I hope that we can meet next year, Lord willing. As for the "miss", I'm using it because it sounds better than just plane old "Rose". :) I'm not sure why everyone else is using it. Oh well, talk to you soon!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Glad you found my post amusing. :)

In Christ,
~Miss Rose

Cassie said...

Rose, (or is it "Miss Rose" now?) :D

I awarded you on my blog! Find out more at

Love and Blessings,

Miss Carey @----'---------- said...

Thank you, Miss Rose!

I enjoy your sweet blog so much.

Your description of outside your window sounds like the beginning of a poem...

~Miss Rose~ said...

I'll TRY to pick it up, but we're EXTREMELY busy right now. :( I shall try! Thanks anyway. :)

Miss Carey~
Thanks! I'm sorry for not visiting your blog in a while; I'll try and get over there soon. :)

In Christ,
~Miss Rose

Molly said...

I have awarded you TWO blog awards! Check my blog to see!

In Christ,


~Miss Rose~ said...

I'll try and get over there! :)

In Christ,
~Miss Rose