Friday, January 28, 2011

That's a This, You Keep Those....

(Which means "Hello!" in Korean!)
Ah....I've been good. Learning bits of Korean, having fun with it, and simply enjoying all the 'yo's at the end. =D

Been taking piano lessons - going well!

Happily enough, I believe Winter may be melting! The sun is out right now, warming the ground and causing it to cry, making little trickles of water coarse through the dead grass. Robins are singing away, ruffling feathers. The pasture is a mud hole right now, squelching under the horses' heavy hooves. Patches of snow are beginning to cry, a breeze whispers to the mountains.

I'm listening to the National Treasure soundtrack right now. It's ssoooo cool! I love it! AH! A wonderful, wonderful piece of music. =)

Not too much has been going on. Life in general. I've been kinda down lately. Part of it's winter, part of it's not. Some things I can lay my finger on, others I can't. I want to see my friend again, for one thing...and I want spring to get here, for another! Ah must go on. I was looking in the mirror the other day and told myself, "Are you ridiculous? Give yourself a break! You've been having way too many emotional melt - downs for no reason, girl. Ah. That's it. It's because you're a GIRL!" Yes, true, true. Oh well. Being a girl is fun. Too many emotions to dish out that guys just can't understand. I'm sure it's the same for guys. :)
        I cleaned out my desk drawers the other day and had quite a laugh. It was about 7:00 at night, and I was sitting there on the floor, surrounded in mounds of magazines, papers, folders; all sorts of stuff. I had all three of my lamps on, and it was dark outside. I giggled like you wouldn't believe! I've got notes in there that I and one of my friends passed each other, *naughty, I know...* and some of them were HILARIOUS! All of them were from almost 4 years ago, maybe more! I had a bunch of really old drawings, and a ton of cut-out pictures of G.I. Joe's Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. They're ninjas, by the way. I used to be crazy over them. =) I had a bunch of little hand-written stories about them from over 2-3 years ago that I found, and some hilarious little drawings. It was so fun looking back through it all. I threw a trash-bag load of stuff away, but just couldn't let go of some of it. :) (You know me....)
Anyway, I got it all arranged nicely. Neat Junk, as some would call it. It was nice. It gave me a laugh, and I needed one.

Oooh well. I suppose I'll skip off and do something else in the cyber-world...probably type an e-mail of randomness to some unfortunate friend. =)

I'll post again later!
Annyeong! Goodbye!


P.S. God is so good...have you prayed lately?

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