Thursday, May 26, 2011

Beautiful Night

God gave me a gift last night. It was packaged so beautifully.
The day had been totally gorgeous. The sun was bright, the weather was perfect. The wind had been blowing gustily all day.
Last night, I slept deeply. My window was down, I could hear the wind pushing through the leafy trees.
Something startled me out of my sleep. Whether it was a dream, the wind, or some whisper in my ear, I don't know. My eyes came open, I lay still. There was nothing there. The room was dark, and the only noise was the wind. I rolled over, and the first thing I looked down on from my loft bed was the curtains. They were billowing into the room, and the digital numbers on the clock glowed red, 3:00 AM.
Something made me get up. It's like the wind was talking. I climbed out of bed, standing in the middle of the dark room. What was different? I stood, looked, wondering. Finally, my gaze fell on the end table by my chair under the bed - the vase of roses I had - one stem was out, and all of the petals were scattered across the floor. There was something amazing about this moment, and I don't know what. I looked back at the curtains. Still white, billowing into the room - it was almost out of a movie.
I looked out my door, and noticed that something else was wrong. The door to the closet beside my bedroom entrance was wide has been shut when I went to bed. I walked over to it in the dark, closing it shut quietly. The night light from the bathroom shown into the den. The curtains in there were billowing over the furniture. Papers were scattered across the floor. The breeze filled the room. There was something amazing.
I walked quietly through the house, the floor creaking. Everything seemed fine...but it didn't feel like it. There was this welling feeling in my heart. The kind you get when a moment is out of a movie, out of a song, out of a book. I walked back into the den, collapsing on the couch and looking out the window. The curtains billowed around me as I sat there, looking up at the skies. The stars were so bright. The wind flowed into the room. I gazed up at them, talking quietly to myself.
"Tonight...such a, beautiful night. Happiness, sadness, tears - skies, stars, all in, my heaven."
I watched for a moment more, the twinkling gems so high in the sky, prayed silently, and with a final, quiet sigh, turned away.


A tear ran down my face.


Madison said...

Hello Hannah! :)
I have no idea if you remember me or not... I used to follow your blog a lonngggg time ago (mine was Madison's Musings if that strikes any memory). Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I enjoy your blog posts enormously. :) You really have advanced and matured as a writer. And since you put the comments back up, I can finally tell you this. lol And this post especially was just very beautiful. It honestly does sound like something out of a movie.

Hannah Leigh said...

Max -
Thanks! I'll try to upload it today on my "GIMP creations" page - you'll have to take a look! ;)

Madison -
Of course I remember you! HI! Long time no talk! :) I'm so glad you enjoy my blog - I love to write out things like that...even if they do seem a tad bit dramatic. :)


Argentia Krystofel said...

Wow, so beautiful! It does seem like something out of a gorgeous movie. It's...really captivating how you wrote this out. I could see it all so vividly; and the things you described were so mysterious...


Hannah Leigh said...

Jinx -
Thank you! You know me... ^.^