Monday, June 20, 2011

Fashion Bash

Yesss! Mom and I went out today to look for some skirts, etc, and I found a couple - so that's good! (It is SO hard to find skirts... I'm irked. =.=)  I also went on a "Fashion Bash" at Rue21.
First of all... Rue21, at first glance, looks like a place for loose gals - but if you go in there with a mindset to mix and match things, you can get some great stuff!
The music was really loud, but it didn't really bother me - I was on a hunt! (My dear mother was about to go crazy... bless her. :) We went there at the PERFECT time, because they had their 20+ clothes on SALE for 6 and 3!!! AAAHH!!! *happy sigh*
So, here's my loot - you CAN be stylish AND modest, all at once! (And no, the lounge pants I'm wearing weren't part of the deal... I just changed into them when I got back because I'm gonna relax for the rest of the day!)

Enjoy! Fighting!
- overjoyed Hannah

 This jacket was a BIG plus! Six dollars! I adore it!
(Alright, now I want Autumn to get here....)


Anonymous said...

Ha, look's like a fun day you had!! =D wow! 6 buck's for that funky jacket!! great find!! Really look's cool on you! =D
Ruby x

Hannah Leigh said...

Eeek! I LOVE my jacket! *faint*

- Han

Abigail Pruence said...

No way was that jacket $6 ???? That is awesome!! :D good find!!!