Friday, June 10, 2011

It's Emotion

Happy! This make me smile every time I see it. It's got to be my favorite clip in the whole movie.
     Are you happy? Truly, happy? You can only be happy in the joy of Christ.
I'm happy... I'm wondering. I'm always wondering. There's so many doors in my life. Some of them are swinging wide open. Others are beginning to crack open, but I don't know if they'll be shut again. I stand in a room surrounded by doors, thinking, "Which one do I take?" But then I remember that I need to wait and see which one will open the widest, and stay that way the longest. I don't need to rush headlong through a door. I need to wait and see which one God nudges me towards.
So much is going on in my life... I mean, next year, I'll be EIGHTEEN! *faint* Even the little things seem like big steps, which they're not... but they seem like it. Glasses. I'm getting glasses. Just for when I'm driving, though. But still. That's something new! Driving - I'm going to start taking lessons soon. Driving??? AH!
Yesterday, I went into the store and bought some groceries while mom was in the car. I got a cart, and shopped. Remembered everything on the list. (And mischievously confiscated a liter of Pepsi to buy that wasn't on the list... ^.^) Went up front, used the debit card, and walked back to the car. It was awkward but really cool at the same time.
...*can see raised eyebrows*
Okay, okay! Maybe not cool... but it was a new experience. ^.^
Where's my life going?? Sheesh! I was sitting at my desk the other day, looking at my face in the mirror, and thinking, "Who on earth is that woman looking back at me?"
She's almost a woman. She's got so many responsibilities inwardly, especially, that are always on her heart. She's got friends that she's trying to push in the right direction, caring for them. She gets worried about them, but has to remember that if they mess up, it's not her fault, but she does have to remember, that the advice she gives them, MUST be biblically based.
I've got people that I'm constantly in prayer for, where I'm their Prayer Warrior. There's so many people to pray for these days. My family, my friends, the people I love.
I'm wondering how my life will go in the next year or so. Who will I meet, who will leave, where I'll go... I just wonder.

Life is an adventure. Full of every imaginable thing. Adventure, drama, happiness, comedy... everything.
Enjoy life. Learn to dance in the rain. Try smiling.

- Hannah

p.s. Enjoy these clips from my new favorite, "Tangled"!

(This is what my Max will end up doing...)

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