Saturday, June 11, 2011

No Doubt

Whew! Well, last night dad and I went to the church because the "White Rose Society" was having their last conference there for their Father/Daughter weekend.
After we got there, and I had chatted with two of my friends, on a thirty minute notice, I half volunteered myself to do a fifteen minute talk. (After that came outta my mouth, I was thinking, "What did I just get myself into!?") That's the first time I've ever done anything like that. So, with about thirty minutes before the pastor did his thing, I was sitting there thinking, "What am I gonna do..." I decided I'd talk on how a lot of people aren't really, truly happy these days any more. With a friend's help, we quietly slipped out while he was talking to go print up some stuff from my blog so that I could use that to read a few things from. (Such as "The Author", etc.)
It was actually great. I was soooo nervous, but then I was okay. I was thinking to myself while up there, "How do these people do it? Eeek!" But, it was good. ^.^
Afterward, my friend "Jinx" and I, (long story... don't ask.) went out to walk around in the parking lot. It was dark, and there were street lights all over. The moon was out, and it was so amazing! We had a good talk about prayer, and how we should pray for the impossible, because with God, all things are possible. Then we prayed together, and walked around talking some more.
Prayer is the most amazing thing. You feel so much closer to God! Jinx was saying that when it says in the Bible about not wishing for days before, it's telling you that "Look! You have a beautiful life ahead of you! Don't wish for the past!" And it's true. I love to pray. I love it.

No matter what - pray! Pray for the impossible - with God, ALL things are possible! No doubt!
Life is fast, but take it slow. We can take it slow.

Try smiling. Listen to something that inspires you. Something beautiful. I just want you to know. Something that makes you smile through tears. Baby, don't cry. Smile.

- Han


Autumn said...

Wow! You did a speech on that very awesome subject!!!!!! Wow1 Thats so great. I would've loved to have heard it!

Hannah Leigh said...

Hey! Yes, I did. The Lord was gracious!
Always be ready!!

- Hannah