Thursday, July 28, 2011

Birthday Bash

I'm officially 17! Last night we took pictures like we do every year, so, here they are. :)
This morning my CD player went off at 5:20, and I immediately got up. As the music began playing, it brought me out of sleep and I rolled over in my pile of pillows and blankets, blinking in the dark. As habit, I stretched, rolled over again, and plopped my head on the pillow next to the rail so that I was looking down on my room. The clock glowed red. Right on time. I smiled to myself, trying to remember the nice thoughts I went to sleep with. Sitting up, I laughed quietly, falling over again on my face.
"Ah... I love my bed."
I made myself get up, walked around my room in the dark. In an hour, I'd be 17. I meandered into the bathroom and removed the dark makeup smears under my eyes. I MUST start doing this before I go to bed! ^.^
Walking into the kitchen, everything was still dark, the house was quiet, and the floor creaked in various places as I walked across it. Everyone was still asleep. Quietly, I walked to the back door and stepped out into the cool morning.
The sky was a deep blue, and the stars were still out. The moon was just coming up through the trees. I could see the big black orb, with a tiny slit of moonlight gleaming behind it. I stood there, breathing in the crisp, clean air, listening to all of the sounds. I smiled again, praying quietly about the day and people I love.
Going back inside, I got my coffee, stirred in the creamer, and quietly slipped into mom's bathroom to shower.
It was still dark when I finished, and as I walked out of the bathroom, mom said from the dark room, "Happy Birthday, Hannah." I smiled as I walked by. "Thanks."
I spent the remainder of my time in my room, thinking, praying, and, thinking again. ^.^ Then the phone rang. It was two minutes before 6:30. My best friend!
I stepped outside, and by now the sun was rising. I got to talk to her and watch the sun glow red, rising through the mist, and I turned 17 while I was talking to her. It was very nice. We got to brainstorm about my story, Cafe, and came to these conclusions:
1. We love characters most when we beat them up and put the "happy, smiley" guy in a dire situation.
2. We found that we can brainstorm best in the mornings.
3. The "small but beautiful" are the most amazing.
4. And we came to the conclusion that we can "Edit, but don't delete!" ourselves. ^.^
It was very nice. I enjoyed it very much!

After that, dad and I went to breakfast and enjoyed ourselves, and from there on, it was just slow. My friend Kayla of 8 years came over and we chatted. It was a nice, slow day.
Thanks for the birthday wishes!!!

- Hannah


Farmgirl said...

Oh,sounds like a special day for you!

You are so beautiful. I love your hair!

Both of those sentences are true and I'm not just sayin' it to be nice cause its your birthday!

Madison said...

Happyy Birthday!... a day late. ;) Sounds like you had a marvelous birthday! My birthday is actually coming up really soon. We're barely over a year apart in age. How strange... and awesome. hehee
Anyways, I greatly enjoyed the pictures! Looks like it was awesome!

Hannah Leigh said...

Farmgirl -
Thank you! I really appreciate it.
And by the way - I was just on your blog; I like all the hairstyles you did! =D

Madison -
Happy early birthday, then! How old will you be?
We had a great time - I hope you do, too!

- Hannah

Anonymous said...

Happy 17th Birthday!! You look'd like you had an awesome day!! Gr8 photos! and I love your cake, so cool! =D You'v got me all exited for my 17th Birthday next month! LOL! :)
Ruby x