Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy Birthday to Meeeeee!!!

Today's my Birthday!
This post is scheduled to launch at 6:28 in the morning - two minutes before I was born. I'm seventeen. I'm already seventeen. Today's the day. I honestly can't believe it.
Ah, I will have been up for an hour right now, since 5:30, thinking about my life, and what I need to do in this year. Any moment, my Best Friend will call me and wish me well. I'll be happy to hear her voice this year, like I did last.
I will have already heard my mom's voice, probably, and a sweet, "Happy Birthday, Han!" from my dear bro. My dad will be up soon, and we'll go to breakfast together, like we do every year.
Today's my Birthday, and I'm going to enjoy it. Thursday, July 28, 2011, will never happen again. It's only here, at this moment. And I will love it and remember it.

My life is so big! My God is so big! He's kept my insane self alive for 17 years, and here I am! I'm so blessed... you've no idea how much. My family, sometimes crazy, my amazing friends, the people I know, the people I have yet to meet and pray for.
For the last 20 days of my 16, I've been writing the days out in my journal - I'll go back and read them, and smile at some of my exasperated entries.

Life is so good - and I wonder, I wonder! what lies ahead. Who's gonna be in my life? Where will I go? EEK! The thought of it thrills and scares me all at the same time!
I've grown a lot in 16. I can safely say that without it being bragging. And it's all to His glory. He's using me, I can see that, and I'm humbled hugely to see it.

Life is like a puzzle. It sometimes seems like all those thousands of pieces won't fit... but in the end, they do! And only He knows how to put it together.

And here's what I say to this year, last year, and all the years to come:
Pray for the impossible, because with God, ALL things are possible!
I've come to see this in a big way - things I thought were impossible, have and are coming to reality.

Thank you all for the best Birthday wishes, and I hope I can continue to type away on this dear ol' blog of mine, encouraging, laughing, and crying all along the way!

- Hannah Leigh

Happiness, Sadness, Tears...
Skies, Stars, all in,
My Heaven 



Autumn said...

Happy Birthday Hannah!!!!
May your new year be fabulous.

Hannah Leigh said...

Thank you!

Monica said...

Happy Birthday, Hannah! You truly are a very wonderful and special person.