Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Last Day of 16!!!

Photo from Google Images 
Text by me!
Here it is! The last day of 16. Already. I can't believe it! I've already scheduled my Birthday Post to go out tomorrow morning at 6:28, two minutes before I was born.
Ah... life's good.
Things have been crazy lately! A lot of big stuff happening in my last few days of sweet and sour sixteen. Yipes. But, I love it!
And you're probably wondering about the above photo - that's my cover for the new book I'm staring soon, "Cafe"!
I'm so excited about it! With the skillful help of my dear friends, it's beginning. Yay!

God is so good - you've no idea. I've no idea. But, He is! He's awesome!

Thanks to everyone for the Birthday wishes!
To you, Sweet and Sour Sixteen, I say goodbye. Even though it's a little sad, I'm happy to move on!

"Sixteen, like the warm summer sunlight, age sixteen will not last. We have to move on, find a new direction, and follow it to our future."

- Hannah

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Autumn said...

Happy Birthday!!!!