Monday, September 12, 2011

A Poem

 Credit goes to Photographer

My dear friend Caroline wrote this a while ago, and I just got around to reading it - I thought it was simply beautiful. It's so heartfelt.
      It's a sad mixture of wondering and worrying. She writes so many beautiful poems, but I think this one's my favorite. Her one on smiling is amazing, and the one on summer is even better - but I think this one tops them all off. I wish I could write like this, girl! =D

Please enjoy this thoughtful piece... hear the silence.

Credit goes to Photographer

"Stop, Turn Around... Hear the silence... I'm speaking. 

Your brilliant eyes flash with fire
 Your spirit is always fighting
 But you're beginning to tire
 I can see it in your face, smiling

 Your eyes drift in a different direction
 Your shoulders are slumped
 When they aren't looking, you lose your expression
 What's holding you back, my artistic boy?

Your pen strikes the paper, night is nigh
 You work your heart and soul
 Perfection is all you want, you try and try
 Reaching, even though it's all cold

 Your ocean of thoughts are hidden behind
 Eyes that glimmer in the spotlight
 It's obvious that you are trying your best to find
 Why you've been blinded by tonight

 They don't know, I don't know
 But I still see it, somewhere, a quiet crying
 Not the kind you put on for show
 But inside, you're dying, my stoic, silent writer.

Flash a smile, make a confession
 You're front and center, and you don't know why
 You feel like this is all misdirection
 A grand plot to make you continue living the lie

 You know that this isn't the way a righteous man
 Acts when given such a gift, but now
 You want to keep that place, you continue to stand
 Even though you know you should bow

 Truth is slapping in your face, yet you turn away
 You want to stay in this place
 It's like something's taken over you, since that day
 Why do you sing with such a solemn face?

You're following; it's all you know to do
 Following something broken and wild
 You hold onto their example, set before you
 Because you're really still a child

 Too young, now nothing's gonna hold you
 Your impetuous face is sweet
 Your smiles are friendly and seem true
 But I think inside, you're longing for direction

What should I say now? I don't know
 Except that the last time I saw you
 I didn't want to think you were that way, so
 I thought for a long time about the truth

You always make me laugh,
 You always make me smile
 But there's something about that
 I have to stop and think a while

 Why do you always seem cheerful,
 Yet behind that face so carefree
 I wonder if there's really something woeful
 Something you let no one see.

It's all a big mystery, behind each one
But finding the truth isn't difficult
I know you need help and that you can't run
And your lives are filled with tumult

Reaching you...
I want to at least point toward the Light
I need to
And make it, just a little bit, all right."

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