Thursday, September 8, 2011


 I love this "Writing Rules" photo above - it makes sense, but it also makes you laugh. ^.^ (Except to #8 - there's always a moral to the story; whether the writer/reader realizes it or not!)
Here's a couple of other quotes I like:

 Yes, good writing is supposed to cause you to feel the cold rain falling on you! To sense the humidity in the air during Summer, the cold, crisp breeze of Fall. Writing is an amazing thing.

And now for something random: my brother and I were watching a bunch of Star Trek bloopers, so these two are for the Spock fans... like myself. ^.^ Poor Spock! *runs to hug him* I've always loved the chap. ^.^

Remember to love Christ with all of your heart, and to lean on HIS understanding. 

- Han 


Anonymous said...

Nice post ;) I might sound dumb but what is Star Trek? Get my letter yet?? Stop by my blog some time for a horsey fix. I've made some nice changes to it to :)
Ruby x

Timeless Trinkets said...

These are such sweet quotes. I like the fact that you realize the written word is never neutral. The writer is always trying to evoke something from the reader.
I especially like the last quote:)

Hannah Leigh said...

Hi! Star Trek is an old TV series from the late 60's about space exploration/science fiction. Some of them aren't that great, but we do watch the better ones. :) Spock is the second in command on the ship, and one of my favorite characters. He's a "logical" person and claims to have "no emotions", but there's all these clips of him crying or laughing, which is totally out of character for him. :)
And yes! I did get your letter! I'm getting around to replying - promise. ^.^ I'll visit your blog here in a second!

Timeless Trinkets -
Hey! Thanks for leaving a comment. :) Being an amateur writer, even I'M constantly trying to get the right reactions I want out of people from the scenes I write. =D

- Han

Argentia Krystofel said...

Hey girl!
Do you mind if I take a few of these and put them on the sidebar of my blog? I LOVE THEM, hahaha. :)
Writing is SO much fun...the other day I wrote something, and today I'm writing more. I find in the 12 1/2 rules of writing my hardest points are #1, #3, #6 and #12...I find it SO hard to tell both sides of the story correctly...or even sort-of both sides of the story. Like the side of the good main character, and then the side of the character who's kinda rough around the edges...

As to the rain falling on my back when you do it wonderfully! I'll let you know if you ever don't make me feel my surroundings in your writing...but it's pretty rare! Hahaha

Anonymous said...

O'h ok, :) Sounds funny then! LOL! Gr8, you got my letter!! =D Like the poster? It's from Equitana in Sydney I got to meet that horse on the poster. He is amazing dressage horse!! And so sweet! Thanks for stopping by my blog. That youtube was amazing!! The horse and rider are a beautiful team together!
Ruby x